Rocket League
"Rocket League" was developed and published by Psyonix and was originally released for the PlayStation 4 and PC in 2015. Facebook/Rocket League

“Rocket League” may have been a weird concept to accept at the beginning, but it is quickly growing into one of the largest titles in eSports. The upcoming Championship Series season 3 is only proof of that.

The “Rocket League Championship Series” will soon mark its third season. The game, like all other eSport events, will feature teams from a handful of regions around the world to compete against each other and ultimately win a prize. This year, however, the price is exceptionally large and is significantly higher than last year’s.

Participants of the event’s third season will be fighting for a US$300,000 (AU$392,000) prize pool. Last year, the prize was a relatively lower US$250,000 (AU$328,000) prize. But there is more to the “Rocket League Championship Series” this year than its prizes as it is growing in terms of range as well.

Previously, only teams from North America and Europe could sign up and join the games. Game publisher Psyonix, however, is opening up the same for some Oceanic regions. This means that players from Australia and New Zealand can also join in on the fun. Not only does this open up the eSport feature of “Rocket League” to another audience, but it will most likely put new teams on the map.

Registration for “Rocket League Championship Series” season 3 will begin on Feb. 9, while the actual games will kick off on March 4. Fans of the game who wish to watch the teams compete can watch the live broadcast on Twitch. A weekly talk show will also be made available for viewing throughout the duration of the season. The exact details on the show, however, have not yet been announed.

For a casual player, the idea of watching others play “Rocket League” may not sound exciting right off the bat, but this thinking is likely to change once given a chance. As PC Gamer has reported, there is a thrill in watching successful aerial passes and players' graceful control over the vehicles.

“Rocket League” has grown tremendously from its humble beginnings in 2015. The vehicle-run soccer game has attracted over 25 million players worldwide and is available on all current gaming platforms, including the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the PC.

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