Nintendo Switch
Banners of Nintendo's new game console Switch are pictured at its experience venue in Tokyo, Japan January 13, 2017. Reuters/Kim Kyung-Hoon

Nintendo Switch now has a commercial that quenches a user’s thirst to play games even when sitting on the porcelain throne in the toilet. Users who have the habit of fiddling with their smartphones or playing games while sitting on the toilet seat will find the latest Nintendo Switch ad most-interesting. In March, when the console releases, users will be treated to the “Mario Kart” game. The “Mario Kart Deluxe” is an updated version of the Wii U game. The commercial is from Nintendo’s European arm headquartered in Germany.

The Nintendo Switch launches on March 3 for $299 (AU$400 approx). Even though the toilet route taken by Nintendo seems a bit odd, it perfectly solves the purpose of showcasing the Switch as a portable console over and above being a home console. Most of Nintendo’s advertising surrounding the Switch console has shown people using it in various places, including airplanes and rooftop parties. However, the toilet seat is a bit of a shocker and in a good way. It is much more realistic, writes Business Insider.

The Nintendo Switch latest ad is a reminder how technological advances that enable gaming have affected our lives. Meanwhile, arrival if “Rocket League” has not been confirmed yet on the console. However, Nintendo has hinted that games such as these would be welcome on Switch. Nintendo has expressed clearly that the Switch has been built keeping multiplayer in mind. Thus, games like these will be instant hits on Nintendo Switch. Moreover, Nintendo wants its upcoming console to be a hit among professional gamers.

According to Tech.Mic, Nintendo Switch will also help Nintendo in establishing better third-party relations as Wii U could never manage that. “Rocket League” on Switch will allow fans to receive proper developer support and in turn will attract more third-party games to come to Switch. Stay tuned on IBT AU for more updates on Nintendo Switch and its games.

Source: YouTube/Nintendo UK