Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are reportedly hooking up secretly at the high class hotels, in LA. It seems Rob and K-Stew want to spend some private time, away from the public eye.

According to VH1 Gossip Table, "Rob and Kristen have wanted 'total privacy,' with the Cosmopolis actor reportedly wary about taking his relationship public again with the brunette, not wanting to be seen as her "punching bag."

When Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were dating each other there relationship was under constant public scrutiny. This is was probably one of the reasons why the couple broke-up. And now that they are on the path of unison, they don't need to reveal each and every detail to paparazzi.

It is a known fact that a sanity of relationship is maintained till the time it is kept under wraps and the "Twilight" stars have seemed to realize it.

It was also rumored that Robert Pattinson is planning to walk the aisle with Kristen Stewart. But insiders have revealed that this is not true.

A source has told, "Robert Pattinson has no such plans as he is leaving the country in less than a month. Rob's family is of the utmost importance to him and he wouldn't get married to anyone without their blessing. You have to remember that Rob and Kristen have very different upbringings."

"Rob is not going to put a ring on someone's finger, including Kristen's, unless he wholeheartedly knows the marriage will be a lifelong commitment." The source further continued.

So if the source is to be believed then R-Patz and K-Stew are not looking for a long term relationship but are probably hooking up to clear their past issues.

We just hope that soon the couple understands what they need from each other; a healthy friendship or a long term commitment.