Rio 2016 Olympics: Penis touching bar disqualifies Japanese pole vaulter

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Hiroki Ogita
Hiroki Ogita of Japan competes in the men's pole vault qualifying round during the 15th IAAF World Championships at the National Stadium in Beijing, China, August 22, 2015. Reuters/Kai Pfaffenbach

A Japanese pole vaulter in the ongoing Rio 2016 Olympics failed to qualify because two parts of his body touched the bar. While attempting to clear the 5.3-metre high bar, Hiroki Ogita’s leg’s initially touched the bar.

But to worsen matters, his penis also hit the bar and knocked it off on his first attempt. The New York Daily News reports that on his second try, he eventually cleared the bar but still failed to make the cut for the finals on Monday because he finished only 21st.

The video of the failed attempt was posted on image-sharing site Imgur and it has became viral with more than 3.2 million views.

The unfortunate incident led to various comments and wisecracks that bordered on the humorous. Krunchybssehku writes that “As an Asia man this would have never happened to me,” hinting the stereotype of Asian male genital being small.  However, he explains, “Because I’m too weak to pole vault.”

SuperRippedNoone exclaims, “Damm what a c**k block.” Imgursresidentasshole compares the incident to watching a water balloon not pop.

Rwang had three comments: “First reaction: Damn I felt that. Second Reaction: I’m so glad those weren’t his ball. Third reaction: huh I wish I had his ass.” pringlesyum asks, “Why no cup or d**k protection?”

WalkingMurphysLaw says he likes how Ogita pushed the bar away after hitting the athlete’s manhood. He adds it’s like the sportsman was saying “oh f**k the medal, it’s pulling at my d**k.” Wyrbear comments, “That’s what you get when you play with a pole that’s not your own.”

Ri Se-gwang of North Korea got the gold medal with his vault of 15.691. The silver went to Denis Ablyazin of Russia with 15.516 and the bronze to Ogita’s countryman, Kenzo Shirai of Japan, with 15.449, reports LA Times.

VIDEO: Athlete Suffers Unfortunate Accident During Olympic Pole Vault at Rio 2016

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