Musician Rihanna
Musician Rihanna attends the Cruise 2015 collection show from French fashion house Christian Dior in the Brooklyn borough of New York May 7, 2014. REUTERS/Eric Thayer

Rihanna has been reportedly left heartbroken multiple times. The singer has now sworn never to date anyone again from the show business. According to recent reports, the 'Diamond' hit maker is no more interested to hook up with anyone from the music industry.

According to reports from Mirror, the 26-year-old Barbadian singer has told her close friends that after a couple of badly failed relationships with rapper Christ Brown and Drake, she has made up her mind that she will not get close to anyone in the music industry anymore. The popular singer has made the confession during a holiday in Barbados.

This reported vow of Rihanna has banished all the speculations which were brewing about the possibility Chris Brown coming back to her life again. Popularly known as RiRi among her fans, the singer has admitted that she is fed up with being left alone and heartbroken.

In the infamous incident, the world popular singer was reportedly physically assaulted in 2009 by her the boyfriend Chris Brown due to which she had to cancel her scheduled performance at 51st Annual Grammy Awards at eleventh hour. The much publicised case was taken by Los Angeles court after which the rapper was ordered five years in probation. The singer admitted in January 2013 Rolling Stone interview that she had rekindled romance with the rapper which reportedly led to wide outage.

The singer is currentlyoff to her home town Barbados for Christmas and New Year break. she is relaxing herself by reportedly soaking in the sun, sometimes even topless. The Mirror has reported that RiRi's friend Melissa Forde, who was accompanying the singer during the trip, has uploaded a few apparently topless photo of the singer on Instagram. RiRi was snapped wearing only dark grey Puma boxers which revealed her famous tattoos.

Meanwhile, it is reported that a new song titled 'World Peace' has been leaked from the multiple times Grammy Award winner's upcoming album 'R8'. Hollywood Life reported that a single number was dropped on Jan 2 and is already gaining immense popularity among her fans. Multiiplple tabloids including Vulture is, however, hinting that the song is leaked by none other than RiRi herself to create some buzz ahead of her upcoming album.

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