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Official photo of "Resident Evil: Vendetta" Twitter/RE_Vendetta

Capcom has not yet made its presence felt at E3 2017 when it comes to games, but the company has been gracious enough to treat fans to a 9-minute clip of its upcoming film “Resident Evil: Vendetta.” The movie is about to be released next week, and fans are waiting with bated breath.

The 9-minute video appears to be taken from the start of the movie. It begins with Leon S. Kennedy making his way through what looks like a morgue. Things get messed up when he comes across some aggressive zombies, as what anyone might expect from a Resident Evil movie. While the movie starts with Leon, the larger part of the clip pays attention to Chris Redfield and his team as they try to hunt down bio-terrorist Glenn Arias.

Although watching someone else play a video game is getting more popular nowadays, this full-length feature CGI film pushes the limits to prove a point, observes South China Morning Post. Unlike the endless stream of Mila Jovovich titles showing the actress hacking and slashing her way through endless hordes of zombies, this film takes a different approach. It is directly connected to Capcom's world as it features characters and events from past titles.

The movie’s main characters Rebecca Chambers, Chris Redfield and Leon Kennedy are familiar figures for fans of the franchise, so this negates the necessity of introduction. To cut it short, these characters are adept at disposing as much hordes of zombies as they can to make the planet as liveable as possible. They must do their best to prevent Glenn Arias from unleashing a devastating weaponised virus in New York City.

The clip does not reveal much about the film for now, notes Game Rant. All viewers can see is Chris Redfield and the rest of his team walking through a mansion that almost looks identical to the Spencer Estate from the first Resident Evil game. After much exploring, they find a child that sadly turns into a zombie. As it is about to attack them, the clip ends abruptly.

When this film gets released, there is that possibility that Capcom might later on push through with a remastered version of “Resident Evil 2,” which reportedly has been in development for quite some time now. “Resident Evil 7” debuted in last year’s E3, so fans might get their first look at the game soon.

9 Minutes of Resident Evil: Vendetta - E3 2017

Source: IGN/YouTube