"Cute Puppy Shower: Rescued Pup Enjoys Bath Time" was published by Barcroft TV earlier this past month and has gained over 3 million views. It shows footage of a 2 week-old puppy getting a bath from its owner and almost dozing off from relaxation under the sink. It also features a narrator and some interview footage with Claire Fowler, the puppy's caretaker.

In the video, the puppy lays on its back on its caretaker's palms as it is being washed from under the sink. It appears to be enjoying the relaxing water on its body, and dozing off from the pleasurable sensations it receives.

Its caretaker, Claire Fowler, had fostered more than 96 puppies over the course of her involvement with non-profit dog rescue organization DFW Rescue Me. It was on Nov. 26, 2014 when she received a phone call reporting three puppies found inside a bag, abandoned at a dumpster in Dallas, Texas. Fowler had responded and took the puppies in.

"The reason why I filmed giving this little guy a bath was because he was so content," Fowler says about the puppy, which is the only male one amongst the three. "I really like to document the puppies as they grow, especially with bottle babies, and he was just falling asleep so I had to capture that moment."

The original footage "'Spa Day' Puppy Enjoying Bath After Being Saved From A Dumpster At 10 Days Old" can be found on DFW Rescue Me's YouTube channel.

Watch the video "Cute Puppy Shower: Rescued Pup Enjoys Bath Time" here:

Credit: YouTube/Barcroft TV

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