Australian surfer Justen Allport rides a wave. Reuters/Jason Reed

The Red Bull Cape Fear exceeds horrific expectations as surfers get injured trying to ride the waves at Kurnell’s Cape Solander on Monday. The event was postponed to Tuesday after waves surpassing the 4.5-metre limit drove officials to make a decision.

According to Fox Sports, one of the contributing factors to why the event had to be postponed was Justen Allport’s injury. He suffered a head injury after braving Cape Fear. Allport is in stable condition and is being monitored by the event’s medical staff. When the low tide set in, risk facilitator Paul Chivers deemed it unsafe for anyone to continue on with the event, especially if the jetskis were having a hard time performing rescue.

Despite the gash he sustained, Allport still came out on top (15.25), followed by Russell Bierk (15.05), Evan Faulks (14.15) and James Adams (14.10).

While some crazy wipeouts were to be expected from the massive waves, the Daily Telegraph reported that surfers actually faced a number of the largest waves Sydney has seen in 15 years. Those who were brave enough to face them would be classified as surfers as well as daredevils.

The Red Bull Cape Fear is open only for those who received an invitation. It is dedicated to surfers with experience and thirst for the extreme. Even former world tour surfer Blake Thornton revealed that the sight of the cape made him feel anxious, as reported by the Sydney Morning Herald.

Kobby Abberton, Laurie Towner, Jai Abberton, Kirk Flintoff, Perth Standlick, Dean Morrison, Andrew Mooney and Ryan Hipwood are schedule to compete on Tuesday for the Red Bull Cape Fear.

Even with Allport’s injury, most of the surfers would still like to push through with the event if only for the sake of a memory of something they will probably never do again.

The Red Bull Cape Fear resumes on June 7. It is available on live stream on Red Bull TV.