UFC Women's Bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey and UFC presidentand Dana White arrive on the Red Carpet at Lure Nightclub for the premier of The Ultimate Fighter women in the newly formed women in the strawweight class. Sep 9, 2014; Los Angeles, CA, USA. Reuters/USA Today Sports/Jayne Kamin-Oncea

UFC revoked the license of MMA Fighting reporter Ariel Helwani and banned him for life during UFC 199 show on Saturday after he predicted that retired mixed martial arts fighter Brock Lesnar would be coming out of his retirement to participate at UFC 200.

While Helwani only released a report that a Lesnar revival might happen, the UFC responded by escorting the reporter and his friends, photographer Esther Lin and video director E. Casey Leydon, out of the event.

According to CBC, only hours after Helwani was kicked out of UFC 199, the UFC announced what he predicted about Lesnar coming out of retirement. He will be fighting at UFC 200 to be held in Las Vegas on July 9. Helwani also predicted a rematch between fighters Conor MacGregor and Nate Diaz . This turned out to be true as UFC announced that it is set to be the main event for UFC 202.

Reacting to how UFC banned him for life, the reporter answered some questions on his famous show, the MMA Hour.

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Source: YouTube/MMAFightingonSBN

Helwani opened up about the life ban and with visible tears in his eyes, expressing that he did nothing wrong when he reported the information he received from his multiple sources. Helwani also told his audience that he hated the fact that the episode of his show focused on him more than the fighter he has been waiting to watch and talk about, Michael Bisping.

“That’s my role, I go get news,” Helwani said on the MMA Hour.

Helwani also revealed that UFC officials approached him and told him to meet with UFC president Dana White, who subsequently told him to “get out, we don’t want you here.” Helwani, being the journalist he has been for so long, asked why. White only told him that he was too negative.

Yahoo! Sports further reported that Helwani was told that Lesnar was upset about him getting to announce the news first before the company he signed a deal with. White told him that this endangered UFC’s contract with the MMA star.

According to Forbes, UFC spokesman Dave Sholler, when asked about UFC’s life ban on the reporter, only said that journalists should have the common courtesy to reach out to them before reporting on a story.

With the UFC continuously battling the criticism that it is inherently violent, banning a reporter for writing what he researched about further puts the company’s credentials on the line.

Helwani has won the World MMA Award Journalist of the Year five times, which speak of his credibility.

Fans turn to social media to express their disappointment on UFC and their reaction to Helwani’s life ban.