Shark Attack
A fisherman holds the shark which was identified by an Egyptian diver as the shark which attacked four tourists in the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh December 2, 2010. Reuters/Stringer

Mandurah man Ben Gerring lost a leg, but was saved by surfers after being attacked by a white shark in Falcon Bay on Tuesday afternoon.

Gerring was on his way to catch a big wave when he spotted the shark and tried to paddle back to the beach, according to the Daily Telegraph.

A word for help and warning: Ben Gerring screams ‘Shark!’

Mandurah Boardriders Club president Brian Williams said there were 20 people wading in the water when the shark took hold of Gerring and submerged him. When he resurfaced, Gerring was only able to get one word out: “Shark!” Chaos ensued and everyone on the beach ran for safe land.

“Two guys stayed behind and dragged him in once he resurfaced,” Williams said. When surfer Ian Barker saw the situation, he rushed over to help drag Gerring back to shore and revive him through CPR.

Ben Gerring rescued by heroes

The shark took away Gerring’s right leg from above his knee.

Williams praised the surfers who dragged Gerring back to safety for their “heroic” act.

ABC reports that paramedics were able to assist with Gerring’s revival before he was immediately transported via helicopter to Royal Perth Hospital. He has had surgery for his leg but he remains in critical condition.

Falcon Bay will be closed at least until late Wednesday afternoon.

Hunt under way for white shark

The Fisheries Department is currently investigating the incident. Early Wednesday morning, fisheries officers were given tools to capture sharks at Surf Break Lookout. They are now hunting the white shark that mauled Gerring to prevent further attacks.

Gerring’s family and friends are asking for prayers and pouring their support on social media.

Twitter floods with messages of support for Ben Gerring