Real Life Barbie And Ken - Pixee Fox and Justin Jedlica
Real Life Barbie And Ken - Pixee Fox and Justin Jedlica Instagram/JustinJedlica

People play with their toys as children and sometimes dream to one day become them. But for Pixee Fox and Justin Jedlica, who have been dubbed the Real Life Barbie and Ken, it is all about just looking the part.

Together, the two have spent almost US$500 million (AU$670 million) on cosmetic surgery procedures. Fox, 26, has had 17 surgeries, which include the removal of six ribs, four breast enhancement procedures and liposuction. On the other hand, 35-year-old Justin has had an incredible 340 procedures done, including shoulder, bicep, cheek, back and buttocks implants.

According to Mirror, the obsession of both Real Life Barbie and Ken have taken a toll on their love lives. Jedlica, for example, has just divorced his husband of three years. Meanwhile, Fox is adamant not to let any relationship get in the way of her future surgery plans, which include immediate hip and buttocks implants.

Barcroft TV adds that the two met earlier this year in Los Angeles and hit it off. Jedlica, who is a plastic surgery consultant, gave Fox some advice. “He gave me surgery tips and had been through the same journey,” Fox explained. “We’re often judged for our looks, and we instantly bonded.”

“People commented on how we looked like Barbie and Ken, and we loved the attention. Our love is a plastic love.”

For now, the two are happily single and are thrilled to have someone understand the obsession. Real Life Barbie and Ken even plan to have surgery at the same time later on this year, which would give them the opportunity to recover together.

Fox mentions specifically that she has no time for a “proper boyfriend,” although she does go on dates. "People don't realise the commitment it takes to look like this,” she explained. “Surgery is my focus and I don't have time for a man.”

On the other hand, Jedlica has spent some time on dating sites but admits having had some difficulty. “People have a perception of me from TV and think the first thing I am going to be interested in is looks -- but it’s not,” he argued. “It seems to create this weird distance.”