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"Tomb Raider" is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a new bundle pack and a brand new DLC. Facebook/Tomb Raider

Just a year after its initial release for the Xbox One and PC, “Rise Of The Tomb Raider” is receiving bundle filled with all DLCs, additional content and a new feature for the PlayStation 2. The last feature, titled “Blood Ties,” rounds up the history of Lara Croft.

The Crystal Dynamics’ title is an appropriate follow up to the 2013 original. Filled with puzzle solving, exploration and character development, “Rise Of The Tomb Raider” 20th anniversary bundle is definitely worthy of the hype and US$59.88 (AU$80) price tag. The 20th anniversary bundle also includes two of the game’s expansions, “Cold Darkness Awakened” and “Baba Yaga: The Temple Of The Witch.”

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However, the anniversary pack for the PS4 also includes a brand new DLC, “Blood Ties,” which is also available for the Xbox One and PC. Alone, the DLC is priced at US$10 (AU$13).

“Rise Of The Tomb Raider: Blood Ties,” is a two-part adventure that has much less action than any other chapter in the franchise. It essentially focuses on the past of Lara Croft and an understanding of her past. Players are initially left to explore the Croft manor in search of any clues that will uncover the secrets of her parents and the estate’s history.

The story begins with Lara inside her late father’s study. There, she finds a letter addressed to her mother, Amelia, which is also a final notice to terminate Amelia’s ownership of the property. The letter goes on to urge Amelia to then leave the manor and hand it over to Atlas, her brother and the sender of the letter.

Afterwhich, players are thrust into an exploration of the entire estate in a search for documents and objects that will explain what happened and possibly reverse Atlas' claim.

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Much like it sounds, “Blood Ties” is far cry from the original “Raise Of The Tomb Raider” in terms of action and adventure. However, the game is well written and the story of the Croft Family beautifully unfolds as players finish the game.

But for those who prefer the lively features of the franchise, the DLC does include another element, called “Lara’s Nightmare.” In this segment, players will need to control Lara around the entire Croft Manor while shooting zombies and other enemies.

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