'Rainbow Six Siege' Mid-Season Reinforcement: What to expect from the update
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Facebook/Rainbow Six Siege

Update 4.2 of “Rainbow Six Siege” has just been released. It includes a wide array of improvements, which more importantly include adjustments to Twitch, Doc and Blackbeard.


The changes made to Twitch are basically about the drones that she releases, according to the official "Rainbow Six Siege" website. Her initial drone, which is released in the Preparation Phase, will now be a Shock Drone. Furthemore, a second Shock Drone will replace the two normal ones that she releases once a battle begins.

If the first Shock Drone is not destroyed in the Preparation Phase, then Twitch can cycle through her observation tools and activate either one.

However, there have also been changes made to the Shock Drone itself. It is now 30 percent faster, thus making it as quick as a normal drone. It is also more stealthy as its generated sound has been significantly lessened, and its red light has been removed. The range of its darts have also been increased from 5mm to 7mm.


Meanwhile, Doc is now more of a team player in the world of "Rainbow Six Siege." This is mainly because his weapons now include more power. In addition to his standard stim pistol, his darts now have the ability to heal teammates. Each dart heals a teammate by 40 points and are also able to over-heal players until 120 health points. However, the over-heal is only temporary as it decreases by 1 point every two seconds, until the player is down to the standard 100 health points.

And as Doc is normally able to revive himself from DBNO (down but not out), he can now also self heal.


On the other hand, Blackbeard’s imposed changes make him less durable as a character. It was evident in "Rainbow Six Siege" battles that his character was a favorite because of his overpowering strength.

Now, Blackbeard's shield HP has been reduced significantly, from 800HP to 150HP. However, he does have two shields to switch from by way of equipping or unequipping. Both shields’ lives are displayed in the user interface.

A New Season Pass

According to PlayStation Lifestyle, there will be just one more update for the title after 4.2. It will be released in October and will have be Japan-themed.

“You can expect these kinds of updates for future seasons,” Ubisoft said in a statement. “We try to implement changes we think will help improve the game, while incorporating feedback from the community.” It is then evident that the game developer has every intention to release another season pass.