The Division 1.4 update
"The Division" DLCs will be delayed to improve the base game. Ubisoft

Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment may be planning something for its two titles, “The Division” and “Rainbow Six Siege.” The developer has asked fans for feedback regarding the gear sets in the game.

“Gear sets have become a key element of End-Game character building and progression. We now have 13 Gear Sets available each with very different effects and bonuses, some definitely better than others,” said a Ubisoft Community Developer over the forums.

“Gear Sets design has been a constant source of feedback and debate within the community and we would like to investigate this matter further with you. To begin the discussion, we are interested to find out your opinion on what constitutes well-crafted Gear Set design.”

The developer further asks fans which of the current Gear Sets present in the game are the most mechanically interesting. Fans who want to share their feedback can reply via the link above.

Among those who have already responded, Reclaimer, Deadeye and Blind have been resounding Gear Sets that fans think have pretty solid mechanics at the moment.

Apart from “The Division,” Massive has also released a new survey, this time for “Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege," Videogamer reported.

From the looks of the survey conducted by Ubisoft, it’s not impossible for the title to get a second Season Pass in the near future. This was hinted directly, as players were asked what they would want to see as the contents of a future Season Pass.

The DLCs should be ranged according to importance. These included new uniforms, exclusive customisation options and a monthly subscription skin.

Now that the survey respondents have outed the contents of the survey, fans have been speculating about a second Season Pass for the game. However, to quickly manage the community, Community Manager Craig Robinson had stated that the survey was meant to generate information on the players, and does not immediately mean that the creators are thinking of creating a new Season Pass.

A new season pass is timely though, if Ubisoft is planning on keeping its word and making “Rainbow Six Siege” a long-term game as it had previously hinted. With the current season pass set to expire in December, a new one would be understandable for those who want to continue the adventure.

Whatever the case may be, hopefully Ubisoft and Massive are both planning the means to successfully expand and add more to the two games.