Splatoon Nintendo
The best Splatoon players may get a Nintendo NX in the competition. Nintendo

Nintendo may be very confident about its Nintendo NX. Because even though there are no concrete details as far as the hardware goes, the company is putting it as the grand prize winner for the best Splatoon team.

The announcement, made over the Nintendo website, the first ESL Go4Splatoon tournament will begin on Sunday. And this six-month season of tournaments will have a grand finale showdown happening in 2017. It is this showdown where the final winners will be able to enjoy the newest console.

“The ultimate splat showdown will reveal Europe’s best Splatoon team, and each player on the winning side will receive Nintendo’s next video game system, code-named NX,” said Nintendo in the official website.

This new promotion also suggests that the development of the Nintendo NX console is very much on schedule. And considering the partnership done with Splatoon, it is not impossible that this is Nintendo’s way of hinting that Splatoon will also be a title for the console.

Speaking of titles for the Nintendo NX, a new interview with Bethesda suggested that the studio is definitely considering developing for the Nintendo NX, given that the conditions and hardware specs are right for the job.

In an interview with Metro, Bethesda’s VP Pete Hines confirmed that they are trying to keep abreast of what’s happening for Nintendo’s upcoming console. When asked about what the possible reason was for Bethesda games not recently appearing on the Nintendo consoles, the developer stated that it was usually a hardware issue that was at the root of it.

“It’s not like we’ve never done anything on Nintendo. Our philosophy is we want to make our games, as they’re designed and built, available on as many platforms as possible,” said Hines to Metro.

This is when Hines noted that it is possible to consider the Nintendo NX. Given the hypothetical question of whether the Nintendo NX will be more powerful than the Xbox One, Hines did say that it would be possible to create games. Especially if they knew the timeline when it would be released, and if the games they are currently developing can accommodate any changes to take advantage of the hardware of the Nintendo NX.