Priyanka Chopra teased some details about “Quantico” Season 2 in a recent interview. She revealed that while some of the characters from the first season will be seen again, others will not be seen anymore.

[Spoiler alert]

"There will be some characters who will be retained in season 2 while there will be some who won't be seen anymore," Chopra told DNA. The actress said that there will be some new characters on the show, so it will be “a great mix again.”

When asked which of the characters will not be seen anymore, the actress refrained from revealing any details. The report states that those who love the other characters on the show may be in for some disappointment, when they find the characters missing.

The next season will begin with Alex (Chopra) having to make a choice. The main plot of the TV series will focus on how her choice will affect her relationship with the other characters.

Filming for “Quantico” Season 2 will begin in July. The production will now shift to New York City. Chopra said that she is “really freaking out” about filming in the city. She said that she was “a little scared” about filming in New York.

“It's not the people, just the place maybe,” Chopra said about New York. Despite her anxiety, Chopra plans to have some fun while filming her scenes in the city.

“So you’ll see me running on the roads somewhere saving the city. It should be fun," Chopra told The National. She teased that the new season will have the same flash forward and flashback format.

“Quantico” Season 2 is set to premiere later this year. The producers are yet to announce an exact release date. Alex will be seen working for the CIA in the next season, and her life in the new organisation is expected to be vastly different from the FBI.