PS4 3.50 update
The PS4 3.50 Update has a few more features apart from Remote Play for the PC and Mac. PlayStation Blog

There are more things to the PS4 3.50 update than the much touted new Remote Play capability for the Windows and Mac. While Sony advertised this as the best feature for the update, there are still a few new features that are worth noting for the recent software system update.

Reddit user IceBreak had spotted a few more features that came with the PS4 3.50 update. One of the most notable features is the support for the 4TB storage. This is a good update for those who have been looking forward to expanding the storage space for more upcoming games.

Other features included in the update are the ability to disable on-screen notifications for the screenshots, as well as the improvements for the Live from PlayStation app, PC Mag reported. The latter will make players have an easier time searching for games.

Additionally, Sony had brought back the USB music playback so players can easily use a USB to play their own music while gaming. Finally, PS4 users can also now dictate the party member count, which is anywhere between two and eight members.

The PS4 is continuing on with its big strides in sale. Even with the news of a PS4.5 or PS4K being developed to deliver more power and support for VR and 4K resolution in gaming, it appears that the current PS4 with all of its software updates is still getting a lot of good vibes with its fan base.

Data gathered via one presentation from “World of Tanks’ developer that a total of 108 million total units for the PS4 and Xbox One is projected for 2019. Of this number, 69 million of these are supposedly the number of PS4s to be sold, while 39 million are Xbox One consoles.

According to GameSpot, there are also 34 million active PS4 consoles to date, which is still ahead of the Xbox One. This shows the strength of the PS4 as a console, made even better now that the recent PS4 3.50 update has also been deployed.

PS4 3.50 update (Credit: YouTube/PlayStation Access)