Project Runway
A model presents a creation from the Project Runway Spring/Summer 2016 collection during New York Fashion Week in New York, September 11, 2015. Reuters/John Taggart

“Project Runway” season 15 finale part 1 aired on Dec. 15 in the US. The first half of the episode showed the final four designers working on their collections before heading back to New York.

The host of the show, Heidi, informed the contestants that they will get six weeks and a sum of US$9000 (AU$12,300) for creating their collection of 10 different looks. The four designers returned home to start their work. Tim Gunn visited each finalist in their home to see how far they have proceeded with their work. He visited Laurence at L.A. and saw her collection, which begins with dark and moves towards light. The next stop was at Rik’s studio where Tim went through his leather looks, black-and-white print looks, and denim looks. Tim then traveled to Boston to meet Erin who does not have a single ready garment to show him. Tim called it a “fashion cacophony.” He met Roberi on his way back to New York. Roberi’s collection is based on the concept of travel.

All the designers returned to New York with their collection of three different looks. Heidi welcomes designer Michael Kors as a special guest judge for the night of the runway. The show started and the final four designers, Laurence, Rik, Roberi and Erin, displayed their three looks.

The judges on “Project Runway” season 15 finale gives their opinions on the various designs. They say that Rik’s designs did not portray the psychedelic nature of the 1960s. Heidi likes the middle girl with the leather dress. Although Michael agrees with her, he does not wish to comment on “mechanic’s coverall romper with a poopy pant.”

Erin is the next to follow. She is praised for her neoprene dress but Nina wants her to get rid of the middle look. Michael agrees with her and says, “Keep it in the showroom.” Nina also wants Erin to focus on the ornamentation.

The judges do not seem very pleased with Laurence’s collection that is based on her journey of life. Although Zac praises Laurence for her skills in tailoring, he suggests her to maintain a balance between her tailoring and the outfits so that they have an impact. Michael finds the collection schizophrenic and only likes the pearl top.

Roberi is the last of the final four designers. Michael likes the pink outfit and he finds something missing in the overall look. Zac finds an imbalance between the fabrics and the looks.

Michael Kors’ presence added to the show and the viewers are waiting for the winner among the final four to be announced next week. The second part of “Project Runway” season 15 will air on Lifetime on next Thursday.