Prison Break
US network Fox just released a new trailer for the upcoming fifth season of "Prison Break." YouTube/Prison Break

Michael Scofield is alive and well in the latest “Prison Break” season 5 trailer released by US network Fox. Fans of the series have several questions about the return of Wentworth Miller’s character, including how he could be alive and why he is back behind bars.

During Fox’s TV Critics’ Association press tour, the cast and creators of “Prison Break” were able to confirm that the season will answer most lingering questions. “Michael doesn’t just come out of the gates [as] the noble hero,” creator Paul T. Scheuring confirmed. “The question is, ‘Who is this guy? Has be been compromised? Is he even Michael? Was he the Michael that we knew all along?’ -- And that’s one of the central things that runs through the course of the season.” Scheuring also teased that the protagonist may not even be the good guy.

Watch the "Prison Break" trailer

In the trailer, several members of the original cast learn that Michael is in a prison in the Middle East, where a civil war has broken out. Lincoln and Sucre, portrayed by Dominic Purcell and Amaury Nolasco respectively, travel to the Middle East and see Michael in person. “We’re gonna get you out of here,” Linc tells him.

Why and how Michael ended up halfway around the world will be answered throughout the ten episode season. Moreover, the upcoming season of “Prison Break” will answer what he has been doing for the last seven years. But as Scheuring told Entertainment Weekly, it is a story influenced by “Odyssey.” Not only will Michael have to break out of prison, but he will have to traverse across oceans to get back to his wife and a son he did not see grow up.

“I wanted Michael to show up in the most unexpected and distant and foreboding place,” Scheuring said. “The deepest, darkest part of the Middle Eastern struggle might be that.”

"Prison Break" season 5 will debut on April 4, Tuesday on Fox. Australian audiences can catch the same on TEN.

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