Britain's Prince Andrew During The 10th Anniversary Of Harrow International School Beijing
Britain's Prince Andrew speaks at the 10th anniversary of Harrow International School Beijing, October 24, 2014. Reuters/China Daily

After denying all allegations that he slept with a teenage sex slave, Prince Andrew admitted recently about his regret of being involved with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Now in the centre of a sex scandal, the Duke of York was accused of sleeping with then 17-year-old Virginia Roberts on three separate occasions -- in London, New York and the US Virgin Islands -- while she was working with Epstein.

"It would be crass and disingenuous to suggest he has been unaffected by this," according to Mirror's royal source. "Even though the friendship with Jeffrey Epstein was acknowledged as being unwise in 2011, the Duke has had a long time this week for the consequences of that friendship to further sink in. More than ever, he can see how foolish it was."

Epstein reportedly madeRoberts a sex slave between 1999 and 2002 and claimed that she was with the Duke at an orgy in a private Caribbean island Little Saint James. Based on the report, the FBI has identified more than 40 alleged minor sex workers, and one of them claimed that to be abused in "international airspace on Epstein's private planes."

In line with the investigation, Prince Andrew's bodyguards where accused on Saturday, Jan. 10, of turning a "blind eye" during the Duke's multiple visit in his friend's Florida mansion. Various calls were made for Scotland Yard to further investigate Roberts' claims and according to one royal protection source, Epstein mansion is like a "five-star brothel" and that he behaved like a "pimp" for his royal friend.

Caroline Pidgeon, Lib Dem deputy chairman of the London Assembly police and crime committee, revealed that "turning a blind eye" is not an option for the royal protection security staff, especially if a member of a royal family is present where the criminal activity is taking place.

Former head of the protection Dai Davies admitted that prince's bodyguards can help him corroborate his claim that he never slept with an underage sex slave. The investigation is still ongoing, with Green deputy chairman Jenny Jones urging the Met Commissioner to look into Prince Andrew's sex scandal as a matter of urgency.

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