A poster of the 2018 film "The Predator." The Predator/Facebook

A new scene of the upcoming film “The Predator” was released at the San Diego Comic Con. Director Shane Black also teased some details about the plot and the setting of the film. Meanwhile, a poster of the movie has also been released online.

According to a report by Variety, the scene that was teased at the Comic Con showed the battle of two Predators. While the fans are used to seeing the regular sized aliens, the upcoming movie will introduce a bigger, genetically modified alien hunter that kills it’s own kind.

Director Black explained that the aliens seen in his film are different from the 1987 film starring Arnold Schwarzanegger and its sequel. The Predators have been growing stronger over time, mostly because the “champions” that have been sent to Earth over the years (in the previous movies) have all died. To remedy this situation they have come up with a bigger, genetically modified champion.

The prime motivating factor for the aliens in the upcoming film is revenge. They are all angry, and they have to take revenge on the people of Earth for killing all those champions.

“They want to punch back and they’re not above a little bit of roiding, so to speak,” Black said.

Standing in the way of the aliens, and in a way the champions of Earth, are a ragtag group of ex-soldiers and a disgruntled science teacher. Black said that he wanted to do a film with a “Dirty Half Dozen,” with a group of “misfits who have to band together.”

Meanwhile, a new poster of the film has been released online [see below]. The poster shows the face of the aliens that is made up of human skulls, teasing the action-heavy nature of the movie.

“The Predator” will be released on Sept. 13 in Australia.

Credit: The Predator/ Facebook