California resident and YouTube prankster Josh Paler Lin has made yet another viral video titled “How Does a Homeless Man Spend $100?,” which is an undercover experiment trying to find out what happens next after a homeless person is given money.

In the video, Lin tells the viewers, “Today I'm gonna give a homeless guy $100. I'm gonna follow him, and see how he spent it.”

“No, really. Are you sure? I'm starting to tear up over here, that's like incredible,” says the man named Thomas before giving Lin a hug. Lin spotted him at an intersection holding a sign. Later, Thomas walks away with his bag and hits up a liquor store not aware that Lin is secretly following him.

It did not take long before Thomas leaves the liquor store with bags of goods. Lin was surprised to see the homeless man walk off to a local park where he hands out pies and chips to families saying, “Happy holidays, you guys.”

“I was going to catch him drinking beer and… say, ‘Bro, why’d you buy beer? I thought you needed food,’” Lin told KTLA. “My heart just melted.”

Since it was published on Dec. 22, Monday, “How Does a Homeless Man Spend $100?” has been viewed more than 6.9 million times. The 284-minute video includes a link to an Indiegogo fundraising page that aims “Help Thomas Get a Fresh Start!” Watch the viral video here:

Credits: YouTube/JoshPalerLin

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