A picture of 50 Cent as Kanan in the STarz TV series "Power' Power/ Facebook

Cast members 50 Cent (Kanan) and Naturi Naughton (Tasha) had a hilarious exchange online about their respective characters in “Power” season 5. Naughton appeared in a video to clarify some things after 50 Cent made a comment about Kanan’s past. The following article contains spoilers from episodes that have already aired.

In a shocking turn of events, Kanan died in episode 8 titled “A Friend of the Family.” The death was important for the evolution of Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr.), but it was unexpected because the young man was like a son for Kanan.

50 Cent shared a picture of his character in the morgue, a still from episode 8. In the post on Twitter, he said that Kanan was dead because of Tariq and Tasha. The picture shows James (Omari Hardwick) and Tommy (Joseph Sikora) looking at the body of their former friend.

One comment in that post 50 Cent made has forced Tasha to come out and clarify. According to 50 Cent his character had sex with Tasha a few times back in the day, and he added that James will never get to find out about it now.

A shocked Naughton appeared in a video that has been posted on Twitter to set the record straight, or possibly lie about her character’s past.

“Kanan has never, and never will...even from the grave, get any of this. Okay? We’ve never been together. We’ve never had sex. We’ve never done anything. Let’s clear that up. I know 50...I see your post...Stop lying to these people. You dead. Bye bye. It’s a wrap. Tasha got you. Love you boo,” Naughton said.

50 Cent, however, said that Naughton (Tasha) is lying, even after his character is dead. Who is telling the truth? The fans may never get to find out, unless it is cleared up on the show.