A still from season 4 of the Starz TV series "Power." Facebook/Power

Tommy Egan will take over the streets in “Power” season 4. In a recent interview, Joseph Sikora teased some details about how his character will take Ghost’s position. The actor said that the story will now reveal what these men are really made of, and added that there will be some “mayhem” that the fans can expect to see. The following article contains minor spoilers.

With Ghost (Omari Hardwick) heading straight to prison, it will be Tommy (Joseph Sikora) taking care of business. In an interview with the Jasmine Brand, Sikora said that his character will run things his way, something that he has wanted to do for a long time. The consequence of his leadership style, however, is a lot of “mayhem.”

While the challenges the characters on the show face are grave, they are also an opportunity for the storytellers to really explore what these men are made of, Sikora explained. The actor said that the pressure they face will reveal “what kind of cloth they are made out of.”

There are two parallel storylines on “Power” season 4. In prison, James will have to stay “steady and focused” on how he can fight this new challenge by the Feds. On the streets, Tommy has temptation to be reckless, or as Sikora calls it, “a tendency to go from zero to sixty.” His challenge will be to “learn finesse.”

Sikora complimented executive producer Courtney Kemp Agboh for being a “brilliant story weaver.” For the gritty action in the show, the actor said that Producer Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson’s (Kanan) involvement helps in making the action on the street feel legitimate.

Sikora also teased that the fans will get to see more shades of Tommy’s personality this year. The character is “very vicious,” but the fans will also get to see the “incredibly caring” side of the character as well.

On the future of Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr), Sikora pointed out that everyone feels they know everything when they are fourteen. So, they get into a lot of mischief. That lasts until they figure out that they don’t know everything. The young man will have a lot to learn this year, the actor said.

Tariq has been kidnapped by Kanan, and there was a ransom demand last year. James will have to fight a two-pronged battle in “Power” season 4. The first is to fight the false murder charges filed against him and the second is to secure the release of his son.