A picture of Omari Hardwick as Ghost in Starz TV series "Power." Power/ Facebook

Life in prison begins for Ghost in the premiere of “Power” season 4. It’s a tough road ahead for James, both personally and professionally. He will also have to deal with Kanan, who is a lurking threat in the shadows. The following article contains spoilers.

The first 10 minutes of the episode is full of bad news, as word of James' arrest (Omari Hardwick) and the kidnapping of Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr.) spreads. Angela (Lela Loren) doesn’t even allow her former lover to take Tasha’s (Naturi Naughton) call. Finally, lawyer Joe Proctor (Jerry Ferrara) gets the call from prison, and he gets into action. The first priority is to secure a bail.

With James behind bars, the kidnapping of Tariq takes a back seat. Dre (Rotimi) goes over to Kanan’s place and explains the situation. Dre offers to pay the kidnappers a weekly ransom if they let go of James’ son. Kanan agrees, mostly because the police may come looking for the boy if they find out. The boy goes back to the family where everything is fine, except for Tommy’s (Joseph Sikora) suspicions.

Tasha is busy attempting to put together clean money for the bail, but two million is a huge sum. James has an idea about how they can secure the money, but in the end, it is of no use. The judge feels a message has to be sent for the people who attack an officer of the law.

James is sent back into custody where he gets undue attention of the guards. The guard Marshal Williams (Charlie Murphy) does not like cop killers. The other big character in prison is Tony Teresi (William Sadler), who is given an offer to snitch on his friends for a chance to see his ailing wife before her death.

Meanwhile, Tommy has to focus on making sure it is business as usual with the stakeholders. He is suspicious of Dre, and wants to get to the bottom of his story about Tariq and this new friend of his called Slim.