A still from Starz TV series "Power." Starz/ Facebook

“Power” season 4 episode 9 will focus on the personal family problems of both James (Omari Hardwick) and Tommy Egan (Joseph Sikora). Meanwhile there are problems on the business side for both characters in their respective ventures. The following article contains spoilers based on the preview video.

Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr.) is on the run and in hiding. His crimes are finally catching up to him. In the next episode, he will devise a plan to escape his problems, according to the synopsis. James, as a concerned father, will advise his son about dealing with a guilty conscience.

The other family problem James will have to deal with is Tasha’s affair with the lawyer Terry Silver (Brandon Victor Dixon). While Ghost wants to put the past behind him and rebuild his relationship with his wife, Tasha plans to get a divorce as soon as her husband is able to make a little bit of money. In the meantime, the affair continues.

Tasha has been a little sloppy when it comes to hiding her affair. It seems as if James is aware of what’s going on, but fans will find out for sure later on in the show.

On top of this, there is the business problem. According to the synopsis, James will find out he is being cheated in the new deal he made. In order to solve the problem, Ghost will begin to play “dirty tricks.”

Tommy, on the other hand, also needs to solve the family problem. The more he finds out about his father, the more he sees his mother in a new light. The situation will lead to ugly confrontations between mother and son.

While Tommy and James are busy dealing with problems, Dre (Rotimi) will make a big move. The young man has the ambition to become one of the biggest drug distributors in the city, and that may eventually lead him to take out his bosses.

Credit: Starz/ YouTube