A picture of Omari Hardwick as Ghost in Starz TV series "Power." Power/ Facebook

Angela will continue to exert pressure on Tasha to flip on her husband in “Power” season 4 episode 4. A preview video also shows Mike trying something in the court. The following article contains spoilers.

The fight has just begun for James (Omari Hardwick). While he and his lawyers had a small victory in the previous episode, there is still much to think about. The prosecution still has the gun that killed Greg (Andy Bean), which was found at Ghost’s office. If John Mak (Sung Kang) connects the defendant to the gun, then the death penalty is guaranteed.

But things are not that easy for the prosecution either. The judge has allowed Joe Proctor (Jerry Ferrara) to suggest that the prosecution deliberately suppressed vital information, which will make the jury feel in favour of James. The prosecution lawyers have to explore all ways open to them to get the conviction they are seeking.

The thought of a death penalty and the possibility of Tasha (Naturi Naughton) going to jail, which will have a serious impact on the kids, would disturb Angela (Lela Loren). The preview video shows the Federal prosecutor visiting James’ wife to try and convince her to testify against Ghost.

The prosecution appears to be losing ground, judging by John’s reaction in court. He needs help, and the person who steps up is Mike Sandoval (David Fumero).

Readers should note that Mike was the mole in the FBI, and also the real killer of Greg. The character is actively trying to frame James for the murder.

In the preview video, Mike has something to share with the judge. What does he have up his sleeve? There is an inadmissible piece of evidence that implicates both Tommy and James. Will Mike find a way to get that admitted?

Credit: Power/ Facebook