'Power Rangers'
A group of Power Rangers pose inside the Convention Center at the 2015 Comic-Con International in San Diego, California, July 9, 2015. Reuters/Sandy Huffaker

The cast members of the 2017 movie “Power Rangers” recently shared pictures of them training hard in the gym to get into shape for their respective roles in the action packed movie. The franchise is known for the heroes to be involved in many hand to hand combat and showcase their karate moves.

Dacre Montgomery (The Red Ranger) recently posted a video of him doing barbell bicep curls at the gym. In the Instagram post, the actor thanked his instructors at the WA Institute of Martial Arts for their help and support. He later added that even though he has achieved a lot in the past few months; there is still plenty for him to learn and grow.

Cast member Becky. G (The Yellow Ranger) shared a video of her practicing her karate movies at a training centre a few days back. The Instagram post shows the actress striking at a punching bag with two small sticks in a practiced manner. The actress has also been training hard at the gym for the “Power Rangers” movie and has been sharing her gym pictures and videos regularly with the fans.

RJ Cyler (The Blue Ranger) shared a picture of him on Instagram, practicing his kicks for the movie. “ Ranger nation get ready for one crazy time!!!! Billy C checking in (blue ranger) ITS ABOUT TO GO DOWN ‘Kevin Hart’ face,” the actor wrote in his post.

Ludi Lin (The Black Ranger) has also been sharing his gym workout pictures online regularly. In his most recent gym picture posted on Instagram, the actor can be seen carrying a punching bag as part of a training exercise. “Be strong enough to carry the world on your shoulders in case one day Atlas Shrugged,” the actor wrote in the post.

The “Power Rangers” movie is slated to be released on March 24, 2017. The movie will be directed by Dean Israelite, who is known for his work in “Project Almanac” and “Acholiland.”