A poster of BBC TV series "Poldark." Poldark/ Facebook

Pre-production of “Poldark” season 4 has reportedly started, with the casting team looking for extras to play various roles. They are apparently looking for ladies with long hair, and men with beards.

An announcement on the Facebook page of 2020 Casting is calling for extras to work in Cornwall and Bristol. The filming locations give away the show they are casting for. To add to this, the announcement states that this is a returning period drama TV series, which makes it amply clear which show this is.

The casting directors are looking for men and women above the age of 16 with “period looks.” The women should have shoulder length hair or longer, and the hair should be of natural colour, not dyed. The men should have at least three inches long hair on the top and one inch on the sides. Men with beards are preferred. The announcement promises “great rates of pay.”

The applicants should have easy access to Cornwall or Bristol or both. Actors who are already registered with the 2020 Casting website are automatically shortlisted for the roles, and they have been asked to keep their profiles updated on the site. New applicants have been requested to register on the website, and they will get a call if their profile is found to be suitable. It is not clear exactly how many positions are open.

The plot of next season will look at how Ross (Aidan Turner) handle the politics after running for MP. The scenes related to the capital are expected to be filmed at Bristol.

If the casting announcement is any indication, “Poldark” season 4 will begin filming in September. The cast members were recently invited for a script read-through. Production details may be available in the coming weeks.