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The Black Moon may have cast its shadow on “Poldark” season 3, making it one of the most intense shows this year. But the cast members certainly had some fun making the episodes. Two new videos from the set and a behind-the-scenes picture have been released online. The following article contains spoilers from episodes that have already aired.

The first video (see below) is that of Harry Marcus (Geoffrey Charles) playing with a toad on set. Amidst war, fighting, famine and all the turmoil, Geoffrey, Morwenna (Ellise Chappell) and Drake (Harry Richardson) did get to share some fun moments, thanks to the toads.

George (Jack Farthing) hates toads, mostly due to Ross (Aidan Turner) and his schoolday pranks. Through manipulation and blackmail, the new Magistrate was able to put an end not only to the toad problem in the estate, but also to the relationship between Drake and Morwenna.

There will be more sad news in the future, as George is sending Geoffrey off to a boarding school that is too far away. Elizabeth (Heida Reed) has an idea about what her husband is trying to do, thanks to the brutally honest Aunt Agatha (Caroline Blakiston).

Will Elizabth have the heart to send her son away? Reed shared a behind-the-scenes picture of Marcus, Chappell and the director reading her a “bed time story.”

Meanwhile, John Hollingworth (Captain Henshawe) made a video on his last day on set. The actor had a busy day, making sure the make-up, blood and his “highly attractive sideburns” are right for the scene.

“Poldark” season 3 has already passed the halfway mark. Only four episodes remain on the show. With the romance storyline taking a backseat after Morwenna’s marriage, the plot in the next episode will focus on politics.

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