This is "Pokemon Sun and Moon" starter Rowlet. Pokemon

The latest CoroCoro leaks have been released for June. It appears that “Pokemon Sun and Moon” players can look forward to two new adorable Pokemon, Nekkoala and Iwanko.

Spotted by Nintendo Everything alongside the scans, these two Pokemon are the Half Awake Pokemon and the Puppy Pokemon. The first one, Nekkoala, shows a Pokemon who looks like it’s asleep on a log. It is a Normal type that has the Definite Sleep ability. This allows him to be immune from being afflicted by a status other than sleep.

Iwanko, from the name “wan” that is a Japanese onomatopoeia for the bark of a dog, is a Rock-type Pokemon. It has two abilities, the Keen Eye or the Vital Spirit. There are no other details about Iwanko, but he looks exactly like the adorable puppy pet for dog lover Pokemon fans. Interestingly, however, CoroCoro seems to hint that the three Pokemon starters Rowlett, Popplio and Litten, as well as the new Pokemon Iwanko have a secret the all hide.

It certainly has a very different vibe than the new form revealed for Zygarde. Trusted Pokemon source Serebii has shown a trailer, seen below, which shows the new Zygarde 10% Forme in a dog-like creature, but one that resembles a Rottweiler.

The complete transformation shows a more dominating and mythical-looking Pokemon. This version is a Dragon/Ground-type Pokemon to which Zygarde transforms into when in trouble. This form also has a movie called Core Punisher in Japan. Interestingly, this is changed to Core Enforcer in the west, which holds a different meaning and vibe altogether.

In relation to the upcoming Pokemon movie, it was also revealed that there will be a Greninja event that is based on the Pokemon Election. It will have the Protean ability with the Happy Hour, Gunk Shot, Mat Block and Hydro Pump moves. Viewers who will see the movie in theatres will have the chance to get the Pokemon Ga-Ole disc.

This item will feature a QR Code that can be scanned so that the player can get the Magearna for the “Pokemon Sun and Moon.” The Mageaerna will have the Soul Heart ability and a new Fleur Cannon move as well as the Flash Cannon, Lucky Chant and Helping Hand moves. There is no word yet on whether the event will also be available outside of Japan.

“Pokemon Sun and Moon” will launch on the Nintendo 3DS. It will be available in North America on Nov. 18 and Europe on Nov. 23.