Pokemon Red Nendoroid
The Pokemon Nendoroid trainer pack is out via online retailer Pokemon Center. Pokemon Center

Fans may still be reeling from the barrage of new Pokemon introduced at the start of August for “Pokemon Sun and Moon.” From the looks of it, The Pokemon Company may not be limiting “Pokemon Sun and Moon” to just the gaming scene.

Trusted Pokemon source Serebii reported that a new manga for CoroCoro Comics will roll out starting Sept. 15. And this new manga series will feature the new trainer and Rockruff, detailing their adventures in the Alola Region.

Rockruff is one of the new ‘mons expected in “Pokemon Sun and Moon.” While the company has not provided any details about what adventures the manga will touch on, the source stated that there will be more details coming on Aug. 12 via the next CoroCoro issue.

Other speculations for ‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’ sighted

As for the game, the rumour mill hasn’t stopped, as PokeJungle.net spotted some alleged leaked information. As always, these rumours should be taken with a grain of salt until The Pokemon Company confirms otherwise.

The new report comes from a Chinese source. The new information has something to do with different Alola forms for six Pokemon. Some of the old Pokemon that have Alolan forms include Butterfree, Rattata and Raticate, Abra, Kadabra and Alakazam, Nidoking and Nidoqueen, Growlithe and Arcanine and Doduo and Dodrio.

The anime version of Ash-Greninja will supposedly be in “Pokemon Sun and Moon” and Furfrou will have new styles. Two other Pokemon have been hinted to have different types and stages, while two other final evolutions for each starter have also been hinted.

New Nendoroid figure pack out

In light of the Pokemon 20th anniversary celebration, Nintendo has released a new Nendoroid figure pack. Dubbed as the Nendoroid Pokemon Trainer Red: Champion Ver. Posable Figure, the pack features the original hero and three starter ‘mons in their final forms.

Over the official Pokemon Center website, the posable figures show the Charizard, Venusaur and Blastoise together with the hero. The protagonist has an alternate facial expression, while the three starter Pokemon have their specific accessories for more posable action.

Charizard has its Blast Burn accessories, Venusaur has some grass accessories for the Frenzy Plant move and Blastoise gets some water cannons for its Hydro Cannon move.

The Nendoroid Pokemon Trainer Red: Champion Ver. Posable Figure is available for US$99.99 (approx. AU$130).

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" Alola forms trailer (Credit: YouTube/Pokemon Channel)