Nintendo will showcase the "The Legend of Zelda" at E3 2016. Nintendo

Nintendo may not yet be ready to give details of the Nintendo NX, but it seems like the company’s newest device is progressing behind-the-scenes.

In a new report from DigiTimes, some Taiwan-based supply chain makers have hinted that trial production may start as early as the third quarter of this year. Not only that, volume production may start as early as the last quarter of 2016. If all will progress as reported, this means the Nintendo NX will be in production an entire quarter earlier than scheduled.

Supposedly, more than 40 percent of the initial production will be under the care of Foxconn Electronics. The rest will fall into the hands of Misumi Electronics and Hosiden. The anonymous sources also confirmed that Foxconn is not the only Taiwan-based makers, as it also includes Macronix International for the flash memory, Pixart Imaging and Delta Electronics for the power supply.

Apart from the schedule, the sources also pointed that Nintendo NX may have the Nvidia Tegra X1, as previously reported of the device.

As far as games are concerned, it seems that one of the games slated for the console is moving along nicely. Revealed in the Weekly Famitsu via DualShockers, “Dragon Quest X” director Chikara Saito and producer Yosuke Saito confirmed that the Nintendo NX version of the game is already in production.

At the very least this confirms that there will be a “Dragon Quest X” for Nintendo NX, as it was just under consideration before. Now, Square Enix just has to confirm whether it will also be developing “Dragon Quest XI” for the Nintendo NX.

Other developers that have been tagged to the Nintendo NX console include Ubisoft, which just recently confirmed that it is preparing for a surprise on the console. Some other titles reportedly coming to the Nintendo NX include launch games from The Legend of Zelda, Mario and Pokemon franchise.

The Nintendo NX is slated for a March 2017 release date.