"Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire" players can get the Volcanion via Gamestop distribution. Pokemon

While August is an Arceus distribution month for the Pokemon 20th anniversary celebration, there are also other things that fans can look forward to.

There’s an ongoing distribution for the Volcanion on “Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.” According to Serebii, Gamestop retailers in North America will be giving out this Pokemon until the rest of October. The distribution will be via serial codes obtained in the stores.

The same distribution will also be coming to Europe at the same time, though there have been no announcements yet on when these will be. So far the only retailers tagged to this particular distribution is Gamestop in Germany and Italy.

The Volcanion Pokemon will be at Level 70. It will have the Steam Eruption, Hydro Pump, Explosion and Flamethrower moves. I will also hold the Assault Vest.

“Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire” will also get 3DS themes in North America and Europe. There are three Nintendo 3DS themes coming, the designs of which have been finally revealed. These include Gardevoir and Gallade in one artwork and the music of Wally’s Theme from the game. The second is Latios and Latias with Soaring at Night music. Then there’s also the pokemon Amie Substitute theme, with matching music from the mini-game from “Pokemon X and Y.”

‘Pokemon Go’ revenue rises again

The other reigning Pokemon game, “Pokemon Go,” has been enjoying new and more positive attention. Having recently released in 15 areas in Asia and Oceania, it seems that developer Niantic Labs has fast-tracked its goal of launching to more areas following the shutdown of third-party tracking apps.

Now, TechCrunch reported that “Pokemon Go” has finally gone over the US$200 mark for its revenue, as per app analytics Sensor Tower. This is thanks in part to the in-app purchases offered in “Pokemon Go.” As a free-to-play experience, “Pokemon Go” offers choice items in its in-game store to enhance the gameplay.

However, in the analysis from Sensor Tower, it seems that there was a boost in in-app purchases since the Japanese launch. The rise is considerable, especially since it had launched “Pokemon Go” well up above “Clash Royale,” Supercells hit strategy card game.

While this reflects how responsive the Japanese market is to the game, it should be noted that some Asian markets are yet to get “Pokemon Go.” Korea, China and India were not yet included in the 15 markets to get the game, so there may still be a change in the revenue data for “Pokemon Go” once that launch happens.