Pokemon Sun and Moon
“Pokemon Sun and Moon” players are gearing up for the next online competition. The competition will be the Kanto X Alola Regional Rumble. It will allow Pokemon from Gen 1 and 7 to square off in singles competition. Pokémon Sun and Moon/Facebook

The fifth Global Mission of “Pokemon Sun and Moon” is already complete, and it began only yesterday. Players have already achieved the target of hatching a total of 200,000 Eggs. In fact, participants surpassed the target by leaps and bounds, hatching over 400,000 Eggs, which is twice the objective. The event will run till April 10.

Thus, there is plenty of time for players to cash in on the rewards from the mission. Now that players have reached the 400,000 Eggs mark, the rewards will include 2,000 and 4,000 FC points and Love Ball, reports Serebii. The 4,000 FC and Love Ball are only for players who are members of the Pokemon Global Link. In order to get into the action, players need to go to Festival Plaza and speak to the receptionist inside the castle. Next, they need to head to Paniola Ranch and start discovering Eggs.

One may discover Eggs after they leave Pokemon at the Nursery at Paniola Ranch in Alkala Island. If players leave a male and female Pokemon from the same Egg group, the Breeder outside the nursery will discover the eggs. The same happen if a male or female Pokemon is left with a Ditto. Once players have the Egg, they need to walk around till it hatches. To make Eggs hatch twice as fast, it is advisable to keep a Pokemon either with Magma Armour Ability or Flame Body.

Pokemon Global Link members who have at least three hatched Eggs will receive five Rare Candies, writes VG24/7. The Gobal Mission achievement news comes as a welcome surprise amidst player bans. 7,000+ “Pokemon Sun and Moon” players have been banned for altering their saved files. As of now, there is no way to unban one’s account, even if it has been banned accidentally. At the most, players who feel their accounts have been closed unfairly can plead their case to The Nintendo Company and Game Freak.

The banned players won’t be able to access Game Sync, Rating Battles, Battle Competitions, and Global Missions. If they still try to access these, they will receive the error code 090-0212. Future bans will come without notice. The developers are currently scanning player profiles for any hint of cheating or illegal activity. This is not the first time “Pokemon Sun and Moon” players are facing ban. Thousands were banned in January. Stay tuned on IBT AU for more updates on the game’s activities.