Pokemon mosaic
The biggest trading card mosaic features Pikachu. Pokemon official website

“Pokemon GO” may be the hottest title for the Pokemon franchise right now, especially after the first look at the gameplay for the smartphone title. However, “Pokemon Shuffle” is still delivering to its fans, more so now with the release of the latest patch for the Nintendo 3DS version.

This new patch has added several new features to the game, trusted Pokemon source Serebii reported. “Pokemon Shuffle” now has a new Survival Mode for those who have already gone past Stage 150. Here, players will need to select four Support Pokemon and use them to go against several waves of opponents in unending stages.

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Another new addition are Mission Cards, which enable players to access special missions. Some of these include making a combo of 10 or more matches. The missions will have stars and restrictions, with the latter redeemable for different items like Mega Starts and Mega Stones. Players can also now travel fast between stages and list the number and ranks of Pokemon obtained in each area.

Other added features include SpotPass notifications, a new Raise Max Level item, more UI points and new features for the different Pokemon that enhance their abilities, which are signified by lollipops in the game. to get the “Pokemon Shuffle” patch, players will need to free up 72 blocks to download the game.

In related Pokemon news, the franchise has just entered the Records in time for its 20th year anniversary. Via the official Pokemon website, the Pokemon Company had unveiled an image of the largest trading card mosaic, which features none other than the mascot of the franchise, Pikachu.

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The mosaic required almost 13,000 Pokemon Trading Cards to span the entire 750 square feet of the mosaic. The artist behind the creation was Quentine Devine, and it follows the pose of Pikachu from the original illustration of GameFreak. The image of the mosaic can be seen above.