Pokemon Go
Tokyo, Japan A man plays the augmented reality mobile game "Pokemon Go" by Nintendo in front of a shop selling Pokemon goods in Tokyo, Japan July 22, 2016. Reuters/Toru Hanai

Poke Assistant recently made available to all “Pokemon GO” players its probability capture calculator. Now players can calculate the chances of catching Pokemon with this new tool. If that’s not all, another tool enables players make Lucky Egg and significant XP level amount by showing them the optimal amount of transfer.

“Pokemon GO” trainers are often left to chance when catching Pokemon. However, the new catching calculator saves players time and also saves them Pokeballs. All players need to do is select the name of the Pokemon and the Ball type they would be using. The selection of Balls are only restricted to three, namely, Ultraball, Greatball and Pokeball.

The success rate of the “Pokemon GO” capture also depends on the level of target and colour of the ring. iTech Post reports that green ring Pokemon and Level 1 have the greatest chance of capture. The website has shared a “Pokemon Capture Probability Chart” for Pikachu Pokemon.

If a user is in “Pokemon GO” Level 1 and uses a green colour ring and Pokeball, there is an 86 percent ring capture chance. For Ultraball, Level 1, green colour ring, there is a 97 percent ring capture chance. Pokeball, Level 30, red colour ring has a 10 percent ring capture chance and Ultraball, Level 30, orange colour ring has a 20 percent ring capture chance.

“Pokemon GO” developers have however alerted players that Poke Assistant’s probability capture calculator is not foolproof. Even Berries and “Nice Throws” do not have much impact on the player’s Pokemon capture success.

The Pidgey Spam tool optimises the number of transfers to maximise one’s evolves and XP. The tool basically tells “Pokemon GO” players the number of Pokemon transfer one needs before he/she can utilise the Lucky Egg. This also helps players level up y getting the maximum amount of XP in evolving their Pokemon.

The Combat Power (CP) tool enables “Pokemon GO” players compute the CP of a Pokemon they are planning to evolve. The tool requires name of the Pokemon and its current CP to show the highest possible CP in its evolved state.