Pokemon GO Pikachu
A man carries stuffed toy of a character from Pokemon, Pikachu, as he plays Pokemon Go during a gathering to celebrate "Pokemon Day" in Mexico City August 21, 2016. Reuters/Carlos Jasso

Many “Pokemon GO” users may be at a loss of words after Niantic’s clean-up drive, but there are still certain tips and tricks that can make the game pretty interesting. “Pokemon GO” went through a rough phase when the company released its updates banning all third-party apps using Niantic’s live servers.

The game that had quickly climbed up the charts came crashing down as numerous user accounts were banned for using means to gain unfair advantage over those who played it fair and square.

There have been previous clues as to the downward trend of “Pokemon Go.” Apart from the rather erratic relationship it had with investors following a mix-up of Nintendo versus other companies’ shares in the app, there has also been a bevy of issues that plagued the game.

However, Niantic has implemented a lot of changes in their app to make the gameplay a lot more fun and fair. One of them is the appraisal system that provides trainers useful statistics about their Pokemon. It allows players to judge which of the Pokemon are best kept and which ones should be traded off for candy.

Players can also use certain tips and tricks to make the game full of fun. One of them is to kickstart their game with a Pikachu Pokemon. This they can do by ignoring the original three, Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle four times in a row. Once these Pokemon have made their random appearances, Pikachu follows, reports Mobile & Apps.

Players who are stuck with Eevee evolution should note that changing Eeve’s names to “Rainer” gives Vaporean, to “Pyro” gives Flareon and to “Sparky” gives Jolteon.

For a quick level up, players must use “Pokemon GO” Lucky Eggs to get a total of 1000 XP by evolving a Pokemon. Catchinh Pidgeys and then evolving them to Pigeottos with 12 Pidgey Candies gets players lots of XP.

If a trainer wants to cause damage on one’s Gym Prestige, he/she needs to match up the right Pokemon considering type and element.

In case trainers need help in deciding where to perform their next hunt, Niantic’s “Ingress” is very useful. The app makes it easy to locate PokeStops.