Pokemon Go Plus
The Pokemon Go Plus can now capture 'mons spawned by incense. Niantic Labs

When Nintendo introduced the Pokemon Go Plus in action, many were not pleased. Apart from its high price for an accessory device, there have been a couple of issues associated with it.

In fact, just recently, fans have been having a hard time evaluating whether the Pokemon Go Plus is a helpful device or a very expensive preorder for the “Pokemon Go” game.

Now, it seems that it’s aiming to solve one of the complaints that fans have for the device. For starters, it’s confirmed that players can now use Incense and capture Pokemon that have been lured using the Pokemon Go Plus.

According to trusted Pokemon site Serebii, this new feature was enabled following a new patch rolled out for the Android Google Play Store and iOS App Store. This allows players to finally make use of the incense to pick up more Pokemon even when using the Pokemon Go Plus accessory.

Of course, this doesn’t discount the fact that Pokemon Go Plus still makes use of a Standard Pokeball when capturing an encountered Pokemon. This limits the kind of ‘mon one can catch, even when something as useful as the incense is activated.

The newest update for “Pokemon Go” has also brought a couple of new features for the iOS and Android. Specifically, the update 0.39 for Android and update 1.9 for iOS has introduced Capture Location, which informs players of where a specific Pokemon was caught via the information screen. As usual, there were also a couple of bug fixes delivered via the latest update.

In the official “Pokemon Go” website, Niantic Labs also confirmed that there are still more exciting features and changes” coming to the game soon.

Fans who have been keeping close watch of what these features are will know that battling and trading have already been hinted. But more than this is the still missing Nearby feature, which is supposed to show not only the Pokemon that can be caught, but also which PokeStop it can be found in at the moment.