Pokemon Go Plus support is among the new features coming with the latest update. Niantic labs

The much-awaited Pokemon Go Plus device is finally out, with some lucky players seeing the fruits of their preorders. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any noticeable issues with the “Pokemon Go” wearable accessory.

Use of Standard PokeBalls only

The beauty of being in higher levels is that there are more choices of which PokeBall to use when catching a ‘mon. But players who are using the Pokemon Go Plus will have to be content with their luck at using a regular PokeBall to land a good catch.

Some users are already reporting dissatisfaction. One redditor posted screenshot of the notifications for “Pokemon Go” upon using the wearable accessory. Out of the three times that a Pokemon was ripe for the catching, all three have fled.

“I’ve encountered 21 Pokemon and caught 5. I hope they add more options to the Plus, like choosing what kind of ball you want to use,” said one other Redditor Brichs.

From the looks of it, the Pokemon Go Plus is mostly good only for getting items from PokeStops and tracking distance even with the app closed. But as far as catching high-level Pokemon with a standard ball goes, it may be more dependent on luck than anything else.

The Missing FAQ

As with any device, players have been seeing troubleshooting issues with the Pokemon Go Plus. One Redditor korhojoa shared an experience where pairing the Pokemon Go Plus devices resulted in a troubleshoot message.

But the link actually leads to the Frequently Asked Questions page for the entire Pokemon franchise. Clicking on the section for Pokemon Go Plus FAQs, seen here, brings out a blank “Coming soon” page. It’s still pretty much under construction.

Perhaps it’s because the Pokemon Go Plus has just released—but Niantic Labs and Nintendo could have done a better job putting some of the basic, anticipated FAQs.

Catching unseen or uncaught Pokemon

A good plus side to using the Pokemon Go Plus device, is that it will catch Pokemon that haven’t been encountered by the user.

While there is the issue of using standard Pokeballs to catch any Pokemon nearby, it seems that low-level unseen or uncaught and rare Pokemon may still be caught using the device

Redditor itsdanielharrow had shown a screenshot of the Magneton first seen and first caught using the Pokemon Go Plus. This is a good sign for those who are wondering if the Pokemon that they’d be encountering and catching are mere duplicates good for Candy or for expanding their Pokedex.