Final Fantasy XV
The "Final Fantasy XV" TGS 2016 trailer shows off a deeper side of the brotherhood and human connections. Square Enix

The Tokyo Game Show 2016 featured a new trailer for “Final Fantasy XV.” This time, it delves a little into the rising tensions of the war. Fans can see the events that lead to where Noctis and his friends are in.

It also presents the time when Noctis has decided to take up arms. A big highlight is the presence of one of the bigger bad guys in the series, Ardyn Izunia, who shows a lot of his bad side along with the perfect voice actor. He was previously featured in the “Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV” movie. Now, it seems like he’ll be playing a bigger role.

Other characters in the franchise is also seen, including Lunafreya and her brother Ravus. There are also a number of gameplay shots included, such a Chocobo riding, the Flying Regalia transformation, the different monsters and creatures in the series, and combat scenes.

Best of all, the new trailer highlights the bonds among characters. There’s Noctis’ bond with his father, his connection with Luna, and the brotherhood that exists among the four men in “Final Fantasy XV.”

The good news for this trailer is that it features subtitles, so those who saw the previous reveal of the trailer can now get the gist of what’s happening.

Square Enix was also present at the GameStop Expo 2016. At the event, Square Enix’s Matthew Kishimoto spoke more about the magic spells that can be crafted in the character menu. According to DualShockers, players can craft magic spells by combining an elemental spell and an item. This will allow creating and executing the magic.

The developer seems to have thought out how to prevent any OP magic from being used. Stacking potions won’t be allowed because only one item can be used in tandem with magic. As far as using the magic goes, other members of Noctis’ gang can use the magic.

"Final Fantasy XV" TGS 2016 trailer (Credit: YouTube/Final Fantasy XV)