Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer
The new trailer shows off the powers of the new Pokemon and Alolan forms, as well as a glimpse of the Team Skull members. Pokemon

The new batch of CoroCoro leaks have been released, and they contain yet some more images for “Pokemon Sun and Moon.”

Pokemon Rockruff, the cute little puppy dog Pokemon actually becomes fiercer looking when it takes a step up its evolution ladder. When Rockruff becomes Lugarugan, his look is actually dependent on whether or not it evolves in the day or the night.

His day form looks rather icy with its pale blue eyes and light-toned fur. Is night form looks a little bit rabid and ragged with glowing red eyes. Interestingly, there seems to be another form, again dependent on the time of the day. Rockruff also has Midday Form and a Midnight Form, when it is exposed to the rays of the sun or the full power of the night, Serebii reported.

For the Ultimate Beasts, fans have already seen the first one, UB-01, which looks like a jellyfish girl. UB02 Beauty and UB02 Expansion have been teased as well. The first one looks like a white female hybrid of an insect. UB02 expansion is said to be facing off with Tapu Koko in “Pokemon Sun” while UB02 Beauty faces off in “Pokemon Moon/”

Perhaps the biggest thing about the Ultimate Beasts is the speculation that they were human beings. UB01 alone is speculated to be a member of the Aether Foundation, thanks to the similar design.

Also, fans who have yet to get a Nintendo 3DS XL may want to get the new “Pokemon Sun and Moon” themed version. The company has announced that it will be coming to North America as well.

Spotted by DualShockers, the new Nintendo 3DS XL “Pokemon Sun and Moon” version boasts a black body with white illustrations of the upcoming game’s Legendary ‘mons, Lunala and Solgaleo.

Japan and Europe already had announcements of the “Pokemon Sun and Moon”’ Nintendo 3DS XL availability, so it’s nice to hear that North America is joining the fray. “Pokemon Sun and Moon” will be out on Nov. 18.