Destiny Rise of Iron
"Destiny Rise of Iron" will be out on Sept. 20. Bungie

In under a week, fans can already access the new content and worlds in “Destiny Rise of Iron” expansion.

Already, there are impressions of what changed and what worked in the DLC. IGN reported that fans who have an attachment to the characters and the lore may see their favourite ones powering the narrative of “Destiny Rise of Iron.” At the same time the Fallen have also evolved as villains whose main aim was to use technologies to enhance themselves.

As far as the length of the expansion, the report also confirmed that there is a lot more to see in “Rise of Iron.” There may still be a few more surprises coming, especially with Tokyo Game Show 2016 happening today.

For those who are prepared for the next “Destiny” update may also want to look forward to the comeback of Private Matches. According to Game Informer, an email was mistakenly leaked via a third-party rep for Activision.

The email had allegedly announced private matches are going back live an entire week before Rise of Iron is launched. The schedule on the email is tagged as Sept. 13, 11:00 a.m. Pacific time.

It is possible that this is what Bungie was referring to when discussing the pre-expansion activities that it plans to roll out before the “Destiny” world expands again.

“Destiny Rise of Iron” marks some significant changes for the game, starting with the split in the progression for those on the PS4 and Xbox One, and those who are playing on Legacy Consoles. This time, private matches will allow players to choose competitive game modes and maps.

According to the report, this is a good way of also allowing fans to choose matches that are more suited to their play style. Some may take the new private matches as a way to train professionally, while others may want to play exclusively with friends.