Destiny, Rise Of Iron
"Rise Of Iron" is the fourth major expansion of "Destiny" Facebook/Destiny

“Destiny Rise of Iron” is finally available for players. And from the looks of it, the expansion is bringing some cool new stuff and secrets for Guardians to explore.

Fans have already started digging into the game, and some have found some of these instances, starting with a secret quest.

Making an exotic Khvostov

Players who have been enjoying “Destiny” since the start may be familiar with the Khvostov auto rifle. For those who may have already modified it for a better weapon may be happy to know that they can get another one of the same kind, but for greater value.

According to GamesRadar, Bungie will bring back the weapon as an Exotic quest reward. Granted, the quest is outside the usual, so it can be considered a secret quest. But one player has already managed to find it and detail how it can be obtained.

Redditor Jase_the_Muss has already detailed the necessary steps to do start the quest. Basically, those who still have stock Khvostovs will have to dismantled one to gain a schematic. The entire procedure is detailed in this Reddit thread. The new Exotic Khvostov will be given in three parts, which can be assembled after the player collects them all.

Become a sherpa

An interesting area in “Destiny Rise of Iron” will see players becoming Sherpas to ensure that they get through he obstacle. Sherpas in the “Destiny” community are considered as those who help out other players to finish a difficult event or quest.

Eurogamer found the Sherpa tribute in the expansion. It is in a pathway that will require Guardians to go up its foothills. The path is difficult to execute, and not even the usual abilities can send the best Guardians.

As such, the result sees “Destiny” players helping each other out when they get to this part of the questline. This is a nice new trick up Bungie’s sleeves, especially when creating quests that require teamwork to succeed in.

For those who have been Sherpas previously in the game, it also looks like Bungie’s way of paying homage to their own efforts.