Pokemon Go Plus support is among the new features coming with the latest update. Niantic labs

“Pokemon GO” Thanksgiving event is coming to an end and fans have only a few hours left to get Stardust and double XP. The Thanksgiving double XP feature rewards players with Stardust and double experience points. The “Pokemon GO” Thanksgiving event will end at midnight Nov. 30 and it kicked off on Nov. 23.

“Pokemon GO” players should hurry now and use the Lucky Eggs to get even more XP. Niantic has been extremely busy launching constant updates and events. A recent update has added a daily bonus feature to the game and this also rewards player with bonus XP and stardust for the first catch of the day.

Niantic has also release new items and more Pokemon in the wild to celebrate the launch of this new feature. After the “Pokemon GO” Halloween update was released, players were surprised by the increased spawn rate of certain Pokemon. The update also introduced various bonuses that really surprised the fans.

However, the recent Ditto update have made “Pokemon GO” fans absolutely crazy as the Pokemon can take the form of any other Pokemon and that has immense benefits. As Express.co.uk puts it, the “Pokemon GO” Ditto introduction via the common Pocket Monster catches will provide the perfect excitement for players who haven’t gone out for a while.

Ditto has got high CP and is available in every region and this is a major relief for “Pokemon GO” players as Niantic has made certain Pokemon region-exclusive. Having said that, players are not happy with the new tracking system even after Niantic updated the game’s Nearby feature last week.

The “Pokemon GO” tracking system has gone through three iterations but still hasn’t managed to win the players. The new tracking feature update is only helpful to players who are in a region with plenty of PokeStops. Trainers in rural areas are finding the new system absolutely useless, reports Kotaku.

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