Pokemon Go
Pokemon GO available teams to choose from. Pokemon Go/Facebook

Changes to the “Pokemon GO” tracking feature could be coming soon in the next update. Players can sometimes get frustrated while catching Pokemon as the task may become immensely challenging, no matter how easy it may sound. The recent “Pokemon GO” Sightings feature will surely help players get back in the game.

With the release of “Pokemon GO,” players could easily understand when a Pokemon was near because of the tracking feature. No footsteps meant the Pokemon was far away while three footsteps indicated the Pokemon to be near. Since Niantic removed this feature, it has become very difficult for players to track Pokemon, writes The Bitbag.

If reports are to be believed, a “Pokemon GO” update is coming soon to the tracking feature that will allow trainer to track their Pokemon the moment they are close to a PokeStop. The feature may be particularly helpful in urban areas due to abundance of PokeStops concentrated in a certain area.

Numerous fans want a change to the Sightings feature as they haven’t found it helpful enough. With Niantic going hard on third-party apps, now it is almost impossible for “Pokemon GO” players to ascertain where to find specific Pokemon in an area. Hence, they are eagerly waiting for the next update.

Niantic announced the Nearby “Pokemon GO” tracker not too long back and certain areas across the globe have their trackers up and running. Australis in one such region it is already available. However, players are complaining about the inefficiency of the tracker in locations that have lesser number of PokeStops. Niantic needs to solve this problem as soon as possible.

Apart from the “Pokemon GO” tracker, Niantic has also brought Ditto via the update, which is a rather elusive Pokemon. Once players tap on the available Pokemon on the map, such as reported Rattata, Pidgey and Zubat, and catch them, these common Pokemon will all tranform into Ditto. The “Pokemon GO” nearby tracker tool will help players in catching these Pokemon.