Pokemon Go France
"Pokemon Go" is already available for download in France. Niantic Labs

It’s only a matter of time until a player will ruin a game for others using a cheat. “Pokemon Go” was no exception to this, as one player had reportedly used a bot to reach the maximum level available in the game, which is a Level 40 cap.

One player at Reddit, _problemz, has hit the cap with the use of bots. While the “Pokemon Go” player is not planning to keep his account or even play in PvP battles given his use of a cheat, he did unlock a few things that other players may want to take note of.

His goal for the game was to go for XP/h, but _problemz also revealed that he had used 131 eggs in the process. For starters, reaching the top level will require a total of 20 million XP. With the use of a bot, the player was able to earn an average of 280,000 XP every hour.

According to Gamingbolt, reaching the level cap of “Pokemon Go” also gives the player some noteworthy prizes. These include 40 each of Ultraballs, Max Revives, Max Pitions and Razz Berries. It also gives four each of Incense, Incubators, Lure Modules and Lucky Eggs, the last of which heavily suggests a raised level cap somewhere along the line.

While this little experiment proved that the end game for “Pokemon Go” is a long way away, it does not mean that players no longer have anything else to look forward to while they deal with the difficulty level curve when getting to higher levels.

Niantic Labs has already hinted that trading will come to “Pokemon Go” later on. There are also a few other planned features as well as Legendary Pokemon once the game has been launched worldwide.

It is also not impossible to get attain something noteworthy in “Pokemo Go” the legit way. One player has already managed to collect all 142 available Pokemon in the North American Pokedex through sheer willpower and gameplay alone.

As for Redditor _problemz, he is planning to ask Niantic to delete his account. For players who are wondering if they can buy his account, he had definitely said no, which proper and only way to do it.