Pokemon Go France
"Pokemon Go" is already available for download in France. Niantic Labs

Now, more players will finally be able to enjoy “Pokemon Go.” Even though Niantic Labs’ game has enjoyed quite the hype, this has not yet included all of the possible countries and players in the world.

This time, it has finally included two more countries following the last release in Canada early last week. Towards the weekend, Japanese players have finally been granted official access to “Pokemon Go.”

Today marks the first time that future “Pokemon Go” trainers can get their hands on the app. The Pokemon Company and Niantic Labs confirmed this via the official “Pokemon Go” Twitter.

“Trainers, we are proud to reveal that ‘Pokemon Go’ is officially available to download in France.”

Naturally, this was met with cheer, but it does not help the fact that other players are still not able to access the actual app. What’s more, there are already some players who have started to uncover more secrets about “Pokemon Go.”

DualShockers spotted a fan site that uncovered some particular level caps in the game. Specifically, the level caps that were discovered include the following:

  • Trainer Cap: Level 40
  • Egg Cap: Level 20
  • Wild Pokemon: Level 30

Eggs that are found beyond Level 20 will still hatch at the same quality as the level cap. There will also be an achievement or badge rank above gold

There are some things that “Pokemon Go” players will need to take note of as they level up. The first is that catching Pokemon becomes harder as the level goes up. At the same time, Move Damage may increase with the Trainer Level.

For players who feel that there aren’t any real strategy when it comes to catching a Pokemon, the data miners also found that Curveballs and Accurate Throws can help in the chance to capture the Pokemon with a PokeBall throw. At the same time, there are Accuracy and Critical Hit Rate for moves, while Pokemon have their specific and unique Capture and Flee rate.

Finally, four Pokemon have been identified as Legendary in “Pokemon Go.” These are Articuno, Mewtwo, Moltres and Zapdos.