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Pokemon Go developer may have increased rare spawns. Pokemon

Niantic’s “Pokemon GO” December update could be a genius strategy if the weather is taken into consideration. Rumours are strong regarding the “Pokemon GO” December update and that it would introduce 100 new Gen 2 Gold/Silver Pokemon to the mix.

Experts believe this is stroke of genius as December brings with it chilly, uncomfortable weather and “Pokemon GO,” that is essentially an outdoor game, requires players to outside their homes and catch Pokemon. It will be freezing outside in many countries. This may lead many to believe that a December update is silly.

However, introducing the Gen 2 Pokemon will make “Pokemon GO” players purchase the items from the store, considering the not-so-conducive weather outside. It’s a perfect moneymaking plan by Niantic. Players can catch Pokemon for free as long as they roam outside their houses. If this mobility is taken away and 100 new Gen 2 Pokémon are added, players will be desperate to catch them.

Moreover, players cannot play the game in fast-moving vehicles. Thus, the “Pokemon GO” December update will result in Incense sales spike as that’s the only way players can attract Pokemon to their location. If players are living near PokeStops, Lures are even more attractive as it will allow them to catch Pokemon indoors.

This will eventually lead to shortage of PokeBalls. But PokeBalls can be purchased from the store. The “Pokemon GO” December update may also result in an increase in Incubator sales. This is because players, who would go outside for some time, will want to make the most of it. Purchasing multiple Incubators will increase the efficiency.

As Forbes puts it, the concept of a seasonal video game is still new and Niantic may capitalise on that. There are still seven generations of Pokemon coming to “Pokemon GO” and Niantic could be releasing one every six months. That’s a huge load of content in terms of Pokemon alone. Plus, Niantic will keep adding new features.