"Pokémon Go”
"Pokémon Go” Plus devices that will be compatible with "Pokémon Go” Pokemon official website

Niantic Labs has already given the go signal for Japanese fans to start field testing “Pokemon Go.” Those who are qualified to try the game will have received an invite via email with the details.

In the cases of those who still have to receive an email will just have to wait a little while. The developer has assured that it will try to expand the field test as soon as possible to include more players, IGN reported.

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Currently, field testing is limited to Japan, though the expansion may allow for other countries to join in in the coming weeks. Previously, Niantic Labs and The Pokemon Company have also released some new information pertaining to the gyms and evolution in “Pokemon Go.”

The smartphone title will put the player in the shoes of a trainer. According to Gamnesia, everyone starts off by earning experience to level up as a trainer. The higher up the level one has, the more powerful the Pokemon that can be encountered, as well as the items that can be obtained.

To evolve the Pokemon, trainers will need to have multiples of a particular Pokemon so they can level up. There are two ways to do this. A player can either catch several Pokemon of one kind or get Pokemon by having Eggs. The latter can be acquired at PokeStops, and hatching them will require walking some distances, mimicking the mechanics of some Pokemon titles.

Another info from the developer hints at the use of travel patterns when using the app. with this, The Star reported that “Pokemon Go” will also make use of these patterns to let player discover new Pokemon hidden all around.

The materials that can be used in capturing Pokemon with the app will need replenishing, and this will involve PokeStops. These areas are reportedly where different Poke Balls can be obtained. The in-game PokeStops are supposed to be located in interesting places, including public art installations and monuments. Interestingly, the background and type of Pokemon one wants to capture is actually adapted into the real world. What this means is that water-type Pokemon can be found in water areas, which enhances the experience.

The developer will give more details on “Pokemon Go” in the coming days. Hopefully, it will also include the launch date for the field testing for other areas.

"Pokemon Go" trailer (Credit: YouTube/Pokemon Channel)